Speech Development Laboratory

The Speech Development Lab at the University of Florida is interested in how children acquire the abilities to recognize the phonetic-level structure of their native language and to produce speech with the gestural organization typical of their native language; what role the ability to recognize that structure plays in language processing; what conditions of childhood support the development of these skills; and precisely how perceptual processing of the speech signal is affected by conditions such as poverty, frequent severe ear infections, and hearing loss.

Exciting news! The editor-in-chief and editors of the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research—Language section have selected our article, “Parental Language Input to Children With Hearing Loss: Does It Matter in the End?” as the winner of the 2021 Editor’s Award. https://doi.org/10.1044/2019_JSLHR-19-00123

Research Areas

Overview of research at the Speech Development Lab

Person with cochlear implant watching a video

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The Speech Development Lab is looking for adults and children to participate in research studies

Adult participant playing a memory game
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Dr. Nittrouer was honored to speak at the University of Florida doctoral commencement on December 15, 2017.