Children participating in Speech Development Lab activities

We are currently looking for subjects in three groups:

  • 1. The Speech Development Laboratory at the University of Florida is looking for English-speaking children (3-12 years of age) to participate in our research studies. We need both children with normal speech, language, and hearing, and children with hearing, language, or reading problems to participate in our research studies. Studies involve one to two visits of about one hour each. During these visits children perform simple listening tasks set up as games. Most children find the games fun and interesting. They also receive a T-Shirt, a small toy, and $15 per visit.
  • 2. We are currently looking for children who speak only English at home and at school who are 4 to 6 years of age and use cochlear implants or hearing aids, or who have normal hearing (no special devices to help with hearing) to participate in a listening study. This study takes about one hour and involves listening tasks and a picture game. Parents are reimbursed $20 for their time and will receive a parking voucher.
In this video, Dr. Nittrouer introduces our research and tells you about what it is like to participate in our studies.
  • 3. We are also looking for adults between the ages of 18 and 40 who are native speakers of English to participate in research studies. Adults who participate typically come to the lab for one to two visits. Each visit takes about one hour. Adults are paid $15 or one unit of extra credit per visit.

The information gained in the Speech Development Lab helps guide the design of programs for children with speech, language, or hearing problems. This is a great opportunity for children and adults to have some fun and help others too! If interested, please fill out the contact form below, call us at (352) 273-6808, or email us at for more information.

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